Break of Reality is committed to music education and has given hundreds of workshops across the U.S. for all ages of music students.

Break of Reality’s School Mission:

  • to inspire musical interest and creativity
  • to offer tools for developing musicianship
  • to keep instrumental music alive and relevant

Break of Reality gives educational workshops to encourage students to break musical stereotypes and to create their own styles and interpretations of music. Active listening skills are emphasized to help students analyze and understand the music they encounter. Participants of the band’s workshops discover that the possibilities of music-making are limitless and students are encouraged to explore and experiment with different styles of music. During a workshop, students become aware of their musical potential, gather new ideas, and are often inspired to start a group of their own. They are the new generation of music lovers and creators.


Break of Reality is available for a single workshop, a series of workshops, or a full residency culminating in a public performance. At the performance, presenters will have the option of having their student string orchestra join the band on stage for a few original compositions that have been transcribed for string orchestra accompaniment.

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Workshop Examples:

Breaking Expectation(General workshop for Middle and High School Students)

This workshop will cover the history of Break of Reality as well as the group’s philosophy and mission as a performing ensemble. Acoustic musical examples will be used to demonstrate the structure and style of original compositions, and to engage students in active listening and analysis exercises. BoR members will also explain how and why certain musical decisions are made within a chamber group, and will share effective rehearsal and practicing techniques. The group performs several of their tunes and the session closes with Q&A.

Specific Topics (can be adapted for students of all ages):

Play it by Ear: Intro to Improvisation/Small Group Jam Sessions

Improvisation is the cornerstone of musicianship. In this workshop, BoR will demonstrate how improvisation is a mix of aural skills, musical intuition, and an understanding of harmony and melody. Starting with a riff created on the spot, students will witness and participate in improvisation demonstrations. Discussion topics will include improvisation techniques, harmonic and melodic structure, expression through sound, and the importance of taking risks. Small group jam sessions will conclude the session, as students take turns improvising melodies over riffs and bass lines.

Exploring Extended Techniques:  A Workshop for String Students With Their Instruments

Break of Reality will discuss and demonstrate extended techniques including percussive articulation, slides, muffling, scrapes and harmonics, that are not taught in traditional teaching styles. The workshop will culminate with a “jam session”, where students can use what they have learned to explore the wide range of sounds that can be produced with their instruments.

Transcribing Your Favorite Tunes: Lecture/Presentation About Transcription

As with many spoken languages, the ability to write down what someone says is imperative to communicating effectively. Music, considered by many a universal language, should also incorporate this philosophy. In this session, BoR will discuss the process of transcription by identifying and analyzing the different musical lines and instruments of popular rock songs.

Write it Down: Lecture/Presentation About Composition

The members of Break of Reality are all active composers as well as performers. In this workshop,the group will reveal their varied influences (from Stravinsky to System of a Down) and share their individual compositional techniques. BoR will also discuss topics such as the development of motives and themes, the importance of improvisation, the use of formal structures, and the role of technology in modern composition.

Behind the Scenes: Open Rehearsal With Break of Reality

Students are invited to join Break of Reality for a first hand glimpse of how the group collaborates to rehearse and refine their music. Audience members may be asked to participate in the rehearsal and give feedback.


For more information on programs or booking, please contact us by email: